Lets play a game of genetics

I haven’t made many posts yet. Mainly because I am just a bit lazy? Yes, lazy and tired and trying to nail down the last week or 2 before I figure out what the hell my surgery plan is. Exhausting. Everyone is saying something different. I am ready to take matters into my own hands.

So, my fabulous oncologist says he highly doubts I will be at a stage 3 cancer. One reason my surgeon wants me to have a s or even 3 step procedure to get a BCIR since the jpouch is now not possible, or at least he said that, meeting with my 2nd surgeon to see if he agrees. A little annoyed my surgeon’s nurse has not called me back to even discuss surgery that I have to have by Thanksgiving so might as well move on.

My plan is to have surgery in St Pete where the BCIR was created if it is a one step. If I have to do it in 2 then my colon will be removed here, test lymphnodes then go to St Pete to have the BCIR.

I am diagnosed with FAP and not AFAP. It is weird now my gene mutated since I only formed about 100 polyps in the past decade and my cancer isn’t at a stage 3 or 4, where it should be by now. I just had a T1 removed from my rectum. Will post more tomorrow!


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