BCIR, Jpouch decisions

So met with my surgeon yesterday and we went over things. Things like my polyp that had cancer is so low he isn’t sure he can cut past the line to do the jpouch. Do I even try at this point or just go to St. Pete for the BCIR. I am so over doctors and decisions. I refused a bag and my surgeon isn’t a fan of the resevoir so he could have his colleague do it or I can go to St Pete, where they specialize in the BCIR and on top of it a urologist will be in the OR to examine my bladder and see if he can find out what is causing my Interstitial Cystitis such as scar tissue from my gastric sleeve. They also do the sleeve there so they can figure things out and they think it is related. FINALLY someone has listened to me about that scenerio.

Anyway. Do I try the jpouch then do the BCIR or say screw it and do the BCIR. Ugh.. really burned out on seeing doctors non stop for this crap. Every day lately now.

Also I might not be eligible for jpouch if my full pathology comes back with stage 3 cancer. Still waiting on path. My surgeon said you can’t have a jpouch if you do chemo and radiation but yet my friend just had a jpouch done last week and had chemo and radiation for her colon cancer… For the BCIR, if my pathology comes back bad then I have to do chemo/radiation first before it.

My surgeon also said leaving a bit of rectum in is risky since I could have rectal cancer spread or go away. He has seen both happen. MD Anderson has also been pissing me off with their holier than though attitude.

riskay bizziness! Smiler


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