New pathology and placement of the largest polyp in my rectum is telling Dr. L that none of the rectum could be saved and you need some of it to do a jpouch. Can my news ever be “good”? Like a domino effect. I told every surgeon I met I will not tolerate living life with a bag, sure it works for people but I have NOTHING ever wrong with my colon so it isn’t like I have horrible UC and wish to live with one so my life is free of toilets. I function just fine and it is not what I want.

I am very aggravated with seeing everything for breast cancer under the sun. Ohhhhh Pink here and there. Well sorry I didn’t get the pretty disease. What is sexy about colons anyway? But for something like FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis) to actually not be THAT rare the more I read and see the results for people entering trials and the databases for it. Why isn’t there more going on for this disease? Why can’t we cheat genetics. Where are the trials and research? “Just remove your colon and you will be fine”, there needs to be more. Way more.

Doctors and scientists can grow whole organs out of stem cells. I don’t get how there are not more advances for colon cancer. This is ridiculous!

With that being said I am not taking no for an answer and rushing into a surgery that nobody can give me what I WANT.


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