So do you play any roller derby?

My Neuro surgeon asked me “Play any roller derby? Bang any heads lately?” From the CT Scan my GI Doc sent over of the small calcification my neuro said that is usually caused by head trauma. “No, I replied, unless I was blacked out and don’t remember”. Of course the other 2 options were brain tumor or bone tumor so into the MRI machine I went yesterday for my brain scan. NO BRAIN TUMOR!! Not that I really thought it was to begin with, I was just hearing FAP FAP FAP and TUMORS TUMORS TUMORS thrown in my face lately. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! I am over having all this fear talk thrown in my face. It is almost worse than FOX News channel. Everyone take a chill pill, if I am not constantly freaking out then either do you. My GI stoped my Urogynecologst before she was going into surgery since they are at Baylor Plano and he was so demanding if my bladder had been biopsed for tumors, etc. She said, “UMmmmm not by me but it has been by someone else”. My GI needs to relax. He acts like I am the first FAP case that is going to die tomorrow, or else! He also told Lichliter what I have to have done as far as surgery and Lichliter thought to himself “Well I am the surgeon”. People

So it is a bone tumor, just not common they form on the inside of the skull. They usually are on the outside. I can add that to another rare thing, yay for being fucking unique.  I was born with it most likely and since it is about the size of a pea I have to scan again in 6 months. If it has not grown then maybe 12-14 months from then on. It might never grow but just has to be monitored.  Nothing to lose sleep over.

“Don’t turn into one of my turkeys that comes in here and say it is growing every minute and they MUST take it out, so I shave it down to make them happy. Don’t be a turkey, it is nothing”


And I am done with that round of tests and new doctors to see. Now I am off to see my genetics guru, LEGEND of the Cancer Genes at 3pm.


At least I get to have fun next week with my mom, she is coming in town and we are going to Austin. I love Austin, only cool place in Texass and it makes me happy when I go.


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