I met with Dr Boland today, brilliant genetics doctor who has his own lab, they even found a gene mutation they now have available for cancer genetics testing. Anyway with the extra teeth that grew in as a child, black speckles behind my retinas, lipoma that I had on my back that was removed, desmoid tumor and the gone tumor I have FAP. The gene came from my father, well the mutation did. I am not part of the cancer clinical trial that he does so I am part of research.  I did not see my pathology report yet since Lichliter (my surgeon) is out of town and I don’t meet with him until Monday. I had one polyp removed from the rectum and one from another part of my colon, both were cancer so that is Stage 1, there is a small chance I could be at Stage 3 once they removed the colon and test the lymphnodes. I have to schedule surgery for this month, can’t wait past Thanksgiving, so now Miami trip for this girl unless I go down real quick and scuba dive, play with turtles in the keys and relax on the beach ASAP. Find out about all this Monday when I book surgery.


I learned a lot today about this disease I also learned to NEVER let anyone remove your stomach if they find dysplasia you will not get stomach cancer, 1% chance. The duodenum is the one to be worried about.


2 thoughts on “REWIND!

  1. hello, I just found your blog site. I too have Gardner’s so obviously I am interested. I had a jpouch put in 30+ yrs ago…pretty much been doing good all things considered. About 10 yrs ago I started finding out that people like us were having problems and I needed to get scoped and checked out. They found out my stomach is half carpeted with polyps. One of the main docs here in St. Louis recommended I have my stomach removed. Luckily I fought back…did a lot of my own research and now just try to see docs that know what they are doing. I’ve been to Univ. of Utah for a gardner’s study they were doing but mostly these days I go to the Cleveland Clinic. Anyhow, I thought you would be interested in the short version of my story. I still need to read your other blogs. You take it easy and I wish you the best!

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