Excuse me waiter. There is a polyp in my salad!

I get that perhaps my GI who originally did my colonoscopy and found all the “kids” along with a large 35cm polypp and remember larger a polyp is there is usually cancer in there or will be.

Turns out the fucker was never removed. Who doesn’t remove that? I get there were a hundred smaller ones but not the large cancerous one? That doctor is FIRED, fucking hate that he didn’t wait until I was fully awake after the procedure to throw this train wreck at me. Also discouraged me from going to MD Anderson and was dead set on the douche Burelson who is just cut happy. Ugh.. To hell with them all. My new surgeon penciled me in for this Thurs for a riki tik procedure to remove said polyp. Still relaxing in JAX for now, sort of able to take a vacation from shitty Dallas and all of the days I am either with a doctor, nurse, surgeon or cancer center.


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