Tough Mudder and CrossFit

Ok I am going to just rant for a bit and not talk about surgery and how life sucks ‘blah, blah, blah…’

I really wanted to do tough Mudder. Can you do Tough Mudder after surgeries? Most importanly can I do CROSSFIT?! Fuck me that is what makes my day. I had to cancel even for the last month due to funds being limited and back to back doctor’s appointments.

nobody seems to really listen to me. I want to go back to Olympic weight lifting,  I want to do tough mudder even if my IC is so bad I piss down my legs. Yes, the visuals are good here. I understand the want and need to do these mad crazy races after you have lost limbs, had heart attacks, etc. But no colon? Kpouch, BCIR or the dreaded fucking external bag? My goal is to be bad doing WODs like mad. If I can WOD with IC I will be damned if I can’t WOD with no colon and rectum and possible colon cancer and chemo, etc etc etc.

I just can’t find these people. I hear of guys lifting heavy after jpouches but crossfit is so much more. Oh Ativan how you rock my world during this rough time. Anxiety is my first name now, screw it being the middle name.



10 thoughts on “Tough Mudder and CrossFit

  1. I enjoyed your rant, and understand your angst. I am an avid crossfitter and have no colon. I had UC and way back in 1994 had the whole thing removed.
    Keep with it, find passion in the pain. I’m also doing the tough mudder next weekend in Sputhern Cal. So to answer your rant, yes there are colon-less people getting it done.
    Take Care,

    • I went back to crossfit Tues and let me tell you it sucked!!! My body still has not recovered, every muscle is tense and who knows when I will go back as of right now! I am about 9 weeks post op. I can squat, clean and jerk about 20lbs, run, pullups are good to go but pushups kill my abs so I modify and modify it all. I want to do tough mudder just not sure if it will be this year, I suffer from a lot of pain still and it is physically exhausting.

      Keep me posted Aaron!

      Thanks for the comments 😉

      • Going back 9 weeks After your operation is hardcore. I give you props for trying. Hang in there, it just takes time, and if you like crossfit that much, it’s the being patient to get another WOD done that will be the hardest part

  2. It’s the one thing that makes me feel “normal” if that makes sense. I have anemia and muscle issues in general from my disease so I can’t box jump high or get double unders. I don’t have the “OOMPH” lolol

    Maybe after I get Rofling and Visceral Manipulation done next week it can help balance the pain I have. I have surgical pain, pouch pain that feels like pins and needles are in there, swelling all over from working out and just feel gross in general. But for that 15:24 modified Cindy and c&j to match the amout of rep in between I felt normal just for a brief moment, my surgical pain vanished and I couldn’t even tell I had a pouch. So maybe eventually I will be ok. For now I just hurt from CF and surgery.

    • Last bit of advice, because I’m sure you get a lot. Take it easy in the beginning and know that in time you’ll get back to where you were.
      I’m almost 20 years removed, ( no pun intended), from my surgery, so it’s easy for me to say it will get better. I’m 39 now, and crossfit has put me in the best shape of my life, with or without a colon. So stick in there.

      • Yes I have a Jpouch. I have done tough mudder and I try to go big with my Olympic lifts but my mobility and form suck. I have had no issues with the internal plumbing and crossfit. I read so many stories of people who have it do much worse after a total colectomy, so I’m grateful to be as active as I am. My final surgery was in1994, so it took a little time to get back on the groove. I have always been active, primarily surfing 3-4 times a week, and now it’s become crossfit 5 x a week (RX). I know everyone deals differently, but I don’t believe the Jpouch will be a hinderance. Just listen to your body.
        Hope this helps.
        By the way, besides tough mudder, I have also run the LA marathon in 4:27 minutes, completed the urbanatholon, and done a few half marathons. Those were mainly before I started Crossfit in the last year. I will probably do tough mudder in Vegas in October as well.

      • Yes I do have a J-Pouch. Had it since 1994, so I have had plenty time to heal and resume my lifestyle of fitness. I actually crossfit about 5 times a week, and love it. I don’t even consider living with the J pouch as a hindrance, other than the massive scar on my stomach, I am no different. (actually I’m better than most at my box).
        There is hope. Listen to your body. Fresh fruits and vegetables have skins that are hard to break down sometimes. So every meal will be a learning experience.

  3. I bought The Rogue bar and have stall mats down. Getting the Rogue S2 rack next. Able to do everything with no issues now. I am so busy at work I can’t get into a box so building my own in my loft. Very satisfying doing mini murph at home 😉

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