I feel like I now need to change my blog to FAP and IC..TWO shit ass fucking diseases that can go to hell. Oh and let me include Gardner’s Syndrome, I will find out if I have that Nov 4th when I see the Genetics doctor. I think so since I already had one Desmoid tumor removed and that is a sign.

So my large polyps that were removed had cancer. I was given no later than a month to remove my colon. I wonder if I will no longer be anemic now that I will be removing my colon. That was the only sign I had to go have a colonoscopy. If you ever think something isn’t right, it isn’t. Demand one. If I waited to have one at 50 I would have been dead since FAP turns into cancer by 40 and I am on the path.

The surgeon I am going with uses the Davinci robot. I hear it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread and hookers in Amsterdam. Yes I need to have humor. Life is way too short! Monday I will have a CT scan done to rule out brain tumors, Wed I book surgery then Thurs I swallow a magic pill that has a tiny camera and routes photos to a little transmitter I wear that will find out if there are any more in the stomach, small intestines, etc. That might have to be cut out. My life is changing. Can I just say “Hey, give me a damn diaper!” I have a bladder and colon problem, what’s next?

I started to sell things but more for donations. We need help since I have no benefits at work. Anyway, here is a link, I will be adding some paintings I am going to do soon as well. 25% is donated to Colon Cancer Alliance. ICA will be the next non-profit I pick.



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