Familial adenomatous polyposis

How many more abbreviated names can I add to my list. IC and FAP. Today I had 100 polyps removed and told my colon has to come out due to Familial adenomatous polyposis or will have cancer by 40. I asked if it could be a reason for my IC and was told no. Can’t hurt to ask! I guess no bag but some pouch they make in your body. Still not what I pictured at age 35. What a way to live life, huh? Glad I had a colonoscopy WAY before 50 or too late for me.

My only real sign was anemia but every doctor wanted to say that was due to being a female. But I don’t get a period so finally got it checked out. Stressful thing is I am a freelancer so when I don’t work I do not get paid. This crappy state of Texas has no state run disability help and I have no benefits just tri-care insurance.

Paying bills, working at home if I can find it and just managing life in between surgeries is VERY stressful. Be happy with the life  you have if you do not have these problems because your life is just not that bad otherwise.


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