Abstract art of the bladder?

Or maybe it isn’t a bladder you see after all. Isn’t that what art is all about? Conversation starter, questions, solutions, ideas, scenarios, day dream. Drink or smoke while talk to a cute guy or girl in a gallery. Yes I said DRINK, something we don’t get to do as ICers or usually enjoy being 10 ft away from a toilet at all times.


I am thinking of painting large canvas and small ones perhaps to sell , hopefully to raise more money for treatment and to fund more of my non profit for IC to help other women and men have stem cell treatment done. So many of us are on dissability, can’t walk through a parking lot if in a flare and if we are super lucky, piss ourselves while not making it to a restroom. Who really wants to pull out that IC restroom notification cause anyway and threaten them since it is a 5k law suite if you don’t let an ICer or person with a disability use your restroom in your place of business. Sigh, emberassing! And the drama of dealing with most over the counter chicks.


I have been a designer for over 10 years, now work as an Art Director in various agencies and companies I run myself. Record Label, Stippling service and hopefully when I am cured my Modify8.com business will boom. That is my goal, that has been my baby for a year so far. I was meant to do greater things. at 35 I wasn’t meant to do what it is I do now.


One thought on “Abstract art of the bladder?

  1. Hi, I live in Sweden, Scandinavia and I’ve suffered from severe IC for 10 years, I’m now 31 years old. I really look forward to read about your stemcell treatment on this blog and I hope you will have great success! If this trial shows even one -IC-person getting better I will fly to Beverly Hills asap and do this treatment!! I really hope it will get FDA approved! Good luck with your treatemnt and please let us know everything!!!! I suffer from the horrible pain everyday too!! Hugs from Sweden!

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