Palm Springs in a hot NYC minute with nobu on the side

Well doesn’t it just suck to get stem cell treatment in Palm Springs! 😉 Movie stars and pools baby. Yes I am excited. A lady that had treatment for IC is reporting to have significant relief in pain and pressure just a week later. Sort of glad and nervous to be awake for all of this but it is all worth it in the end! The first step is the lipo to remove the fat, the area is numbed for this and a very small amount is removed (15min process) then while they generate for an hour and a half while I veg out watching tv with a binder on. Then comes the fun part. Child size catheter (used to these from instills, no pain) is inserted to measure the bladder (not a distension) then once the measurement is done the cells go back in with only that amount so it isn’t uncomfortable to hold in at the same time you are hooked up to an iv drip where the cells get infused into the blood. I get iron infusions so sure it isn’t that much different. Surgery is on Wed only so I picked Sept 7th, 2 days after labor day so I can make it a semi vacation to relax in the desert. Maybe do some yoga, meditate, by some miracle be out of this 2 month long flare I have been in so I can hike (yeaaaa wishfull thinking!) I LOVE this hotel, I think I might pick it over the one they use just because it looks more my speed. Hip!

Since my birthday is August 3rdm turning the BIG 35 I decided to cancel my new Urologist appointment and stop taking these OAB drugs that are making my bladder flare. I just can’t take meds I guess, all messes me up. So instead I am going to suck up the bladder pain and have dinner with the hubs at Nobu! I was so excited to find out they have one here besides NYC.

I am going to drink wine, eat dessert and soy sauce out the ass! Fuck it, this bladder is getting repaired in a month so might as well have fun now because it is then organic raw/vegan forever, no sugar, no fake sugar, no tea besides calm tea and no coffee CRY!. My diet is going to be so strict once this thing gets fixed, until they can prove how we get it. For now I think it can be what we eat. Food doesn’t bother me as much but I mean eating msg that is in stuff that is poison, to much sodium, mercury,  acid in coffee and water bottles.  So take that bladder! Hate me in the morning I am having fun!!!


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