ER and Flares

What is a bad flare like besides pain? Eat a cranberry perhaps or too much pepper. I still don’t know why these happen since some days with food I am ok. Drinking NO water when going to the ER for extreme belly button pain that I couldn’t walk right, but perhaps a sip before getting there. Then peeing straight clear urine, it looked like water was coming out in gallons every 5 minutes for 3 hours. So awful lately and still bad today. All the heating pads and water in the world are not helping me. The pain is really bad as well. The ER is worthless and a waste of a copay. Did absolutely nothing for me but take blood work and tell me to see a primary care doctor. I have come to realize if you ever go to an ER do not go to one that has PAs and not real doctors. Every time I see a PA I am told to see a doctor outside of the ER for my issue. When I see a doctor they do an xray and ulstrasound. When you have stabbing belly button pain something could be wrong. How are more people not sued in this country with crap like this? What does my 50 dollar copay go towards? Extra fucking coffee cups for security? Only good thing that came out of the visit, and no it wasn’t the shot of pain killer I got that didn’t do a thing, was catching up on The Next Food Network Star. Haven’t seen cable TV in awhile since we got rid of it. Got to have some happy thoughts. Why in the world is my doctor out of town with no other doctor to take care of me? Not like they do anything to begin with but make me buy drugs that do not help then shrug shoulders of what to do next. How do these people land spots on the IC Network Specialist locater ?

I hope I sleep tonight even if it is sitting on the toilet all night…
I’d trade cancer for this disease.


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