Could my flare be a bladder infection (UTI)?

Many IC patients automatically assume that if they have bladder symptoms, they must have a UTI. In fact, some have taken antibiotics for years only to discover after the fact that they never had infection. They were just having IC flares. The symptoms are virtually identical. Patients with a UTI, however, may have an additional burning sensation in the urethra during urination.

UTI Test Kit – will test for signs of bladder infection during an interstitial cystitis flareIt can be very helpful to a UTI Test Kit on hand so that you can, when worried, do a preliminary test on your urine to determine if you might have a UTI. UTI Test Kits are very easy to use. They provide a small strip of paper which you briefly insert into your urine stream. Easy as pie! If the test strip turns color, then you know that you should contact your physician immediately so that you can leave a urine sample for a culture and, if necessary, receive antibiotics. But, if your home test kit shows no reaction, it may be that you really are just having an IC flare.

Of course, if you EVER seen blood in your urine, experience fever, chills and/or low back pain, you should contact your physician immediately.


3 thoughts on “Could my flare be a bladder infection (UTI)?

    • I did have blood and tissue particals before my hydro now I don’t. My hydro helped me a great deal. I couldn’t drink soda now I can. Couldn’t eat watermelon now I can.

  1. also, do you have flares or is your pain with you all the time like mine. I read about people who have IC flares, but mine never goes away.

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