Stop drinking these things

That has to be the worst thing ever blurted out when you are a coffee lover and long for the rich creamy foam in a warm cup, steamed to perfection.

Coffee is supposed to be horrible for IC. Weird thing is Starbucks latte’s don’t usually bother me. I will say usually because I am not going to test this by drinking 3 venti coffees in a row. A regular tall latte I can hold. Other coffee joints aren’t always as pleasant, home brewed systems like the T-disks have WAY too much acid in them and will leave me pissing my brains out for an hour or 2 non-stop. Flares are an awful thing to deal with. So once a week I go and get coffee, not 2-3 times a day anymore but I don’t want to die tomorrow missing out on the little things due to my bladder controlling my life.

I do on the other hand get very jealous over coworkers who can drink cans of soda and not use the restroom once! Who’s bladder is that anyway? Ugh. The sight of big gulps makes me cringe.


Seems to be the drink of choice lately. Water also helps flush out whatever it is that makes your bladder flare. Some people say they don’t drink water due to having to void often but it is actually the apposite, water helps. Distilled water helps me most, always good to check the PH balance with strips if you have a kit. I hear Poland Springs is a very bad water to drink. I always use smart water, never tested it but it doesn’t seem to bother me. Bottle water in general can be acidic and not alkaline.

Here is a table to list some popular waters. I am sure with some more research you can find ones you drink often. The kits run about 15 dollars to test the water you are drinking. Good home water filtration are of course another good things to have, also must research those.

Arrowhead Poland Springs Fiji    Calistoga Evian SanPellegrino Trinity Springs Volvic Perrier
pH 6.12-7.6 6.02-7.6 7.5 5.84-6.71 7.18 7.7 9.0 7 5.46
Calcium 6-53 3.7-8.2 17 6.0-8.4 78 208 10 147.3
Chloride .73-8.2 1.9-8.8 .74-2.6 2.2 74.3 .7 8 21.5
Bicarbonate 42-190 7.2-20 36-44 357 135.5 65 390
Fluoride 0.05-1.2 .052-.20 Nd .52 1.3 0.12
Magnesium 1.5-20 .76-1.4 13 1.5-2.9 24 55.9 6 3.4
Nitrate .05-.75 .13-.75 .06-.57 3.8 .45 1 18
Potassium 0.7-4.4 .59-.74 1.8-3.8 .75 2.7 6 0.6
Sodium 2.1-20 2.4-4.7 3.8-9.5 5 43.6 19.3 9 9
Sulfates .64-32 .81-5.1 Nd 2.1 10 549.2 6 7 33
Tds 81-260 26-60 210 54-100 ? 1109 59 109 475
Typesource: (4) spring spring artesian sparklingmineral stillmineral sparkling mineral mineral spring spring sparklingmineral

2 thoughts on “Stop drinking these things

  1. I drink only Fiji water, marshmallow root tea, calm tea from Starbucks, and almond milk. I never could connect what I was eating to my bladder pain; however, I think sugar may play a part.

    Because I have/had Lyme (not sure yet), my food intake is very restricted: no soy, sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, + 37 other food sensitivities: tomatoes, potatoes, onions, etc.

    I can relate to your jealousy. I get jealous every time people get to go out to eat together or bring in their hamburgers from fast food restaurants- although, I know their not healthy. But while their eating their hamburgers, I am eating my dry spinach salad with feta cheese and cranberries—no cranberries don’t seem to bother me.

    • I drink smart water and always have alkaline drops with me. Food and drinkmsometimes never bothers me. Starbucks lattes sem to make me not pee as much and same with ginger ale or sprite ( clear soda). Most meds for OAB make me worse at night, I’ll get up at 4am and never go back to sleep, just keep getting up and I take Ambien. I am a weird case. Elavil makes me flare worse. I never had constant pain just flares until I did bladder instills now I am worse than ever. Never leaked either until now.

      Who is the local doctor you mentioned in the other post that does stems?

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