New job tomorrow!

Very worried and stressed it won’t go as good as I hope since my bladder got butchered from this Urogynocologist I went to for a 6 week treatment of internal PT therapy and bladder instillations by catheter. I now have the worse pain. I am not sure what I was thinking for getting a cocktail with so many ingredients in there but I am at the end of our rope, desperate for better and in the mercy of doctors. Retention was horrible, couldn’t pee at first then when I did it was every 5 minutes with the feeling of someone sitting on my bladder and pushing and your actual bladder spasming, causing you to sweat for no reason.

So , I went in to her office Friday in tears saying I need this job, I need to be back to normal, I need to make as much money I can to have treatment, I need to just be able to afford to buy new shoes, or pay all my stacking student loan debt off. To make friends that in the 15 minute conversation I might have with them will help me not think of the stabbing pain I have in my bladder and belly button.

So wish me luck!!! I hope my urgency is under control enough to not annoy anyone. I also hope to let them know about treatment I am planning for in October.

This is my life, want to trade? Will blog tomorrow night with many more stories over the years, dad, mom, being a 5-6 year old kid with bladder issues, the TSA, airline attendants, living in NYC, you name it. I have stories and strong opinions on things that have happened in my life. So enjoy today and be lucky your bladder isn’t a ball of red fury.


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