Donations. Yes I ask.

I am not asking for donations expecting the world to give me a check. But I am desperate like a cancer patient is to find a cure. We need a cure for IC. I personally need it a lot. So since I am asking for me and whatever I get left over I will offer it to other IC women to also get treatment, show of good faith and the sadness I fell for us all. I wish I could take all 4 million with me. Maybe start a movement for the men and women who suffer.

I always offer anything I can in exchange if someone feels weird about donations. I work as a Graphic designer/Art Director and am always open to take new clients on. Anything as small as business card design to full catalogs or web graphics, billboards, printer and digital collateral. has samples of what I do. I have links on the side tookbar above the IC links to the right and one link at the top next to the about Vanessa section link.The amount is up to you. My goal now is 4,500 and in hopes to gain more to give to other women in the IC network who also want to have treatment.

I am also interested in adding blogrolls to reach out!


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