IC isn’t common. Or so you think….

I love when people say “Wow, that is a rare thing to have.” Wrong my friend, it is not. 1 out of 8 women have IC. Men also can even though it is not nearly as common. Oh to be a man! Some doctors say it is auto-immune and that there is nothing to fix the bladder since your body will just destroy it all over again. So what is the answer then? It surely isn’t just having cocktails of medicine put into your bladder through a catheter. You just pee it out and there goes the meds. The worst is when the cocktail they give you messes you up 100x more that you were prior to having a bladder instillation.

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Elmiron is the one drug the FDA has approved for treatment of IC. Why is that? How is it that there is just ONE drug out there for IC and doesn’t work for everyone. It is also not proven to work since taking a pill doesn’t always get what it needs to your bladder in order to repair the bladder lining. And if it is auto-immune like some think (I don’t personally) then you are taking a pill forever to have it ruined all over again. See the cycle here? Never ending with temporary relief. America needs to get with it, Congress needs to get with it, the FDA who I personally see as a joke needs to get with it. Our insurance companies don’t approve most treatments for IC, pretty much making you a slave to this disease, investing more money into yourself with little assistance, unless you are buying a modern medicine of course and seek assistance program through their corporations.

So what is the answer then to get your life back? To be able to work out every day, eat what you want, drink a big cup of coffee or tea? Stem Cells. Some don’t think that is yet the answer but it will be in the future. The future?! When is that? 15 years from now? Stem cells have replaced cartilage in knees, helped people walk again or gain sight and have grown new bladders. But yes we are back to the auto-immune disorder… So I went on the journey of all these questions to get the answers to the cycle that doesn’t quit. Of course I am not traveling to China like most are for very expensive stem cell treatment. Why would I? We can now hop over to California where a center has finally opened up stateside a few months ago to the public. Stem Cell treatment to me is the answer for IC since everything else is a crap shoot. Nobody knows how to fix it. I am sick and tired of hearing the little options. Once size doesn’t fit all so use your own DNA. Stem cells are injected into your bladder and your blood stream. For a year or two they stay fighting to replace the bad tissue and cells. Now why not fix yourself with your own make-up? Why put your hands into random Urologists that don’t always even know what IC is and the FDA? No more side effects, or  becoming worse from treatment, the constant hope that something a doctor suggests will work. Stem cells are happening now. They are generated from your own fat, not bone marrow, out of your belly fat that is removed with a small lipo tool then generated to go back into you. No chemicals, no stem cell banking (since the stupid FDA doesn’t allow for it), no chance of cancer since they are your own.

Stem Cell treatment is very costly. What Dr Landers is offereing in California in association with the ICA is a reduced price of 4,500.00 Now if you are me, you don’t put a price on your health. How can you not make that investment in yourself?


2 thoughts on “IC isn’t common. Or so you think….

  1. Do you only receive one treatment or is it a series of treatments? Is it a flat 4500 or 4500 for each treatment? Thanks for reading all my comments.

    • It is one treatment. Stem cells can fight up to two years in the body to fix damaged tissue and cells. It is 4,500.00 for one treatment. It is discounted almost half price for IC patients since this is new treatment for IC and not enough people have done it to say if it is working or not. So almost paid study. I can’t wait years for the FDA to classify it as a drug for treatment, every day of my life is hard to get by. Not sleeping, pain, etc. So I’ll be a little part of IC history and hope my damaged tissue will be repaired. 🙂 can’t hurt it is only investing into yourself. Since iC might be autoimmune they inject stem cells into the blood stream and also the bladder to fight both issues. I don’t think mine is autoimmune though. I have had cystitis since I was a kid. Believe my bladder is scared beyond traditional repair with meds.

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